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No installation docs

Launch Google Colab

Try cdapython in your web browser, no installation required.

Launch a Jupyter Notebook with interactive, modifiable, example notebooks ready to run.

Click this button to get started: Try it now

You can preview static versions of the example notebooks here.

About Google Colaboratory

What is it?

Google Colaboratory provides small, free, on-demand computing resources accessible through your web browser. Our colaboratory space is pre-configured to provide all the packages you need to run cdapython, as well as example ipython notebooks. Each time you click the button, it will start a fresh machine with no memory of your previous changes.

What can I do in it?

If you are familiar with python, you can freely edit the example notebook to run different queries, or even create your own ipython notebook to run. You can also upload code using the import feature in the bottom right pane. Keep in mind that these instances are relatively small, so they will likely run out of memory if you try to run a very large query. If you are working with cdapython regularly, we recommend installing it locally.

Leaving the notebook

The colab instance, any edits you've made to the code, and any results you create, will be lost when you close your browser tab or internet connection. If you are using the instance to run your own queries be sure to save out the results and code to your google drive by using File -> Save a copy in drive before you leave.

Doing more with cdapython

If you are working with cdapython regularly, we recommend installing it locally. You'll be able customize your installation and to run larger and more complex queries than the colab instances can handle.