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About us

The Cancer Data Aggregator is a service of the National Cancer Institutes' (NCI) Cancer Research Data Commons. We pull metadata for thousands of studies hosted at multiple data repositories across NCI, and make it available for search from a single tool so researchers can more easily find and reuse existing cancer research data. In between pulling and publishing, we thoroughly clean, harmonize, and cross-reference the metadata so you can easily do things like find subjects that have participated in multiple studies, discover data from a disease that was originally described in different ways at each repository, and compile all the data from your favorite program such as CPTAC - no matter where it ended up.

To learn more about how we make metadata ready for search, head to our about our data page.

To learn more about how to access and work with data you find using CDA, visit the CRDC Cloud Resources page

About the Cancer Research Data Commons

The Cancer Research Data Commons (CRDC) is a cloud-based data science infrastructure that provides secure access to a large, comprehensive, and expanding collection of cancer research data. Users can explore and use analytical and visualization tools for data analysis in the cloud.

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Our team

  • Arthur Brady
    Arthur Brady

    Data wrangling & Developer

  • Amanda Charbonneau
    Amanda Charbonneau

    Testing & Directing

  • David Pot
    David Pot

    Principal Investigator - GDIT

  • Tanner Coon
    Tanner Coon


  • Finny Thomas
    Finny Thomas


  • Rachel Kutner
    Rachel Kutner

    Developer & Project Management

  • Kat Thayer
    Kat Thayer

    Project Management

  • Alex Baumann
    Alex Baumann

    Principal Investigator - Broad

  • Surya Saha
    Surya Saha

    Project Manager - Velsera

  • Jack DiGiovanna
    Jack DiGiovanna

    Principal Investigator - Velsera


This project has been funded in whole or in part with Federal funds from the National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, Task Order No. 17X053 under Contract No. HHSN261200800001E