Search made simple

With CDA you search by harmonized, common language terms. Using simple language you can get information about the subjects, files, or specimens that you care about in a standard dataframe format (tsv) that you can open in Excel, integrate into a pipeline or upload to your favorite cloud resource.

  • Don't code? No problem!

    Browse through a curated dataset of all subjects that have data at multiple data centers using an intuitive filtering tool right in this website. Head to our interactive page to try it out.

  • Low code, no install

    Fill in the blanks in our pre-built queries to find the data you need without installing a thing.

    Send your results to Broad Institute FireCloud or Velsera Cancer Genomics Cloud for a complete cloud experience. Find the data you need, fetch all the files, and run your favorite bioinformatics pipeline all without ever leaving your web browser.

    Launch CDA in the cloud

  • Power users

    Install cdapython with pip and get up and running in no time

    pip install git+
    from cdapython import tables, columns, column_values, fetch_rows, summary_counts
  • Developers

    Are you building a metadata microservice? Connecting even more databases? Hosting a computational resource?

    Whatever your use case, CDA can help.

    swagger documentation

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  • Need even more data?

    Do you dream of having a CDA database instance of your very own? Or CDA but bigger somehow? We can make those dreams come true. Let's chat!

    cancerdataaggregator @ gmail